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Arizona Defensive Driving Course

Got a ticket in Arizona? This course allows you to dismiss your ticket at the local court level to avoid paying the violation at court AND it avoids the points being recorded on your motor vehicle record.
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Accepted by ALL Arizona courts Instant Certificate upon completion Free court eligibility verification  Audio Read Along Included



You must register and submit your citation and driver license.


Take The Course

Once activated, you must complete the class 7-days before the date the court gave you.


We Take Care Of the Rest

We report directly to the courts and forward all state and court payments on your behalf.

Traffic Survival School

Got a letter from the MVD? This class is here to help you reinstate your driving privileges in Arizona. If you received a Corrective Action Notice from the MVD or you received a Court Order to attend this program, you can sign up and complete this class. 
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Accepted by ALL Arizona courts Instant Certificate upon completion Free court eligibility verification  Audio Read Along Included
DRIVING COURSES THAT HELP YOU SUCCEEDimageArizona Defensive Driving Course Complete anytime, anywhere. We make it easy, so you do not have to struggle.  Finish at your pace over days or in one go! Register for Online
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSimageOur Arizona Defensive Driving Course is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court (School #402).

What is Defensive Driving School?

This is a volunteer course-- you are not required to attend. This is a minimum 4-hour course offered online or in-person.

Attending does have a few beneifts:
  • →For a single violation, you can choose to complete this class instead of paying the fee at the court.
  • →This class dismisses the violation at the court, so the points do not show up on your Motor Vehicle Record.
  • →Since this violation is dismissed at the court level, the violation nor the points will impact your insurance rates.
  • →For those new drivers looking to get their license for the first time in Arizona, you may complete this class and are only required to have 20 hours of behind the wheel training by a parent or gaurdian instead of 30 hours. 
  • →Some insurance providers may give you a reduction of insurance if you complete this class proactively. Contact your provider to see if they offer a Safe Driver discount or similar discount for completing a driver safety course like our Arizona Defensive Driving Course.

What is Traffic Survival School?

This is a minimum 8-hour course offered in-person.

Traffic Survival School is the program normally assigned by the Motor Vehicle Department. In order to avoid a suspension OR to reinstate your license after a suspension, a driver must complete this class. 

This class is not volunteered, but mandated by either the Motor Vehicle Department OR from a Court as part of a judgement/plea agreement. You must be ordered to attend this class by an Arizona Agency OR an out of state Agency that requires a similar program.

I have completed. Now what?

For Defensive Driving School, we report your information to the State and the Court that issued your violation. If someone at the Court requested that you show proof of completion, you are still required to abide by the Court's request.

For Traffic Survival School in Arizona, we record your completion in the system provided through the Motor Vehicle Department; however, you are still required to bring your certificate with you when getting your license reinstated. 

What if I'm not sure which program I need?

Don't fret! You can always contact our staff via email, text, or by phone with your documents and we can assist in the determination of which program you require. 

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